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Monday, November 9, 2015

Book review: ' Decorating with Carpets: A Fine Foundation'

When current fashion turns away from your industry, what should you, as a business owner, do? Start a dialogue. And that is exactly what Ashley Stark Jenner and Chad Stark, the third generation of the venerable Stark carpet house, aim to do with Decorating with Carpets: A Fine Foundation.

Entry hall by Alexis Hampton.

The last time anyone got excited about wall-to-wall, the first Clinton was President. For Millennials and Gen X-ers, carpet is a product whose time has passed. But for those for whom luxury is everyday, custom-made floor coverings are still de rigueur. Stark Carpet is and has often been the go-to manufacturer of choice for top-shelf interior designers, including Dorothy Draper, Albert Hadley, Mark Hampton, Mario Buatta, Howard Slatkin, Bunny Williams, and Steven Gambrel.

Living room by Steven Gambrel.

Decorating with Carpets strength lies in its ability to convince you, in the words of the inimitable Jeffrey Lebowski, "that rug really tied the room together." These carpets are the literal and figurative foundation of the spaces they occupy, providing cohesiveness as well as comfort.

Dining room by Trisha Reger.

Structured more as an idea book, Decorating with Carpets gives little information about the history of floor coverings other than randomly-inserted brief descriptions of broad categories - Oriental, Animal, Ikat, Floral. Perhaps to give the reader an impression that carpet is of the now, only recent projects are featured. Historical photographs of important interiors of the past would have been helpful in discussing carpet's evolution.

Library by Garrow Kedigian.

This book is a showcase for the highest of the high end, with Pinterest favorite "Antelope Ax" prominently featured. There is not a DIY-ish chevron or blogger Beni to be found. For Stark, carpets are such stuff as dreams (and aspirational interiors) are made on.

Bedroom by Peter Rogers.

Photos provided by The Vendome Press.

My thanks to Meghan Phillips of The Vendome Press for the review copy!


Marcheline said...

My favorite is the library. Mostly because I've always wanted a library, and partly because that rug does all sorts of great stuff for everything else in there.